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Is is possible to use CAD/CAM/CATIA files with PPMAC?

We want to use CAD/CAM/CATIA files directly with PPMAC.

In the introduction_the_power_pmac.pdf file (attached) it is written:
"Want the controller to execute a complex “G-code” motion sequence generated by an industrystandard CAD/CAM program? Just download the program file to the Power PMAC and let the builtin interpreter and automatic motion sequencer take over".

What is the general way to implement this? Any example? Please.

Thank you in advance.

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.pdf   introducing_the_power_pmac.pdf (Size: 615.79 KB / Downloads: 42)
The CAD program will output a motion sequence based on G-codes. Inside the Pmac you nee to have the library files that understand G-code. In the User's Guide their is a section about this to read some details. These library files are not there by default and are usually tightly coupled to an HMI to pass various status information between Pmac and the HMI. We have a software package that allows running the machine as an NC style machine if that is interesting for you. But this package is an HMI and software in the Pmac and would not easily merge with the HMI and software you have already created. Easier would be to decide which G-codes you need to support, usually the list is small as the CAD program just uses a few, And then create the library G-code file your self.
Thank you, Brad!

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