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Power PMAC Etherlite and Power Brick AC

I am studying the Power PMAC Etherlite and Power Brick AC. I would like to link them together using MACRO, is the fiber inside the package ? If not I can't find the information about where one can find it.

I have also some (maybe really debutant) questions:
- We need a 24 VDC supply quite often, if we use only one for all the requirements (Brake Power, STO and for the Etherlite), do you have some advice on one specific generator supply to do so?
- What is the +24 VDC RET?
- Do one need to order all the connectors from Phoenix?
- Is there any website on which we can order all the D-sub needed?

I would like to use an encoder and the output signal is square signals but this is not digital. Should I use a ADC and then the Encoder X1 or can I use the analog input ?

Thank you in advance,

The fiber optic cable is not included. You must order this separately.

No recommendations for the brand of 24VDC supply. You just must be sure of the current requirement remembering that all electronics such as encoders connected to the PowerBrick will also be powered from this supply. And of course you need to make sure you create no GND loops or other electrical problems.

Connectors do not need to come from Phoenix. But we have seen some low cost/quality connectors in which the internal contacts have a slightly smaller diameter and/or reach which cause intermittent connection problems. So whatever you select consider this.

We normally order from Distrelec.

I do not understand this question. The encoder has a square wave output or an analog output?
Ok, thank you for all these answers.

The encoder has a square wave output.
So it is an incremental "quadrature" encoder. It has connection A B and index. A and B are square waves shifted by 90 degrees. C comes once per revolution.

If this is correct then this is the standard encoder input type.
Yes it is, thank you very much.

I cannot find any information about the needed optical fiber. Is there a pdf document that I missed ?

EDIT : Ok, I just check the new manuals and it is clearly written. I assume it is SC for all devices. If I have only two devices connected each other, is a duplex possible to use ?
We buy these through Delta Tau California. Delta Tau buys the fiber and the connectors and builds the full cable. Sorry, I have no source other than Delta Tau for finished cables.
Ok thanks !
(07-23-2015, 12:35 AM)bradp Wrote: We buy these through Delta Tau California. Delta Tau buys the fiber and the connectors and builds the full cable. Sorry, I have no source other than Delta Tau for finished cables.

L-Com SP8790x
Thank you.

I have another question about the main power bus. After reading the manual, I feel like we need to buy them for the power brick AC, but nothing is said for the Power Etherlite.
Can you enlighten me about this point?
I do not understand what you mean with buying a main power bus. But, The pBrick is a motion controller and amplifier in one box. amplifiers drive motors and need a bus supply for that purpose. The etherlite is just a motion controller so it only needs logic power. The amplifiers are external and not the concern of the etherlite.

I am thinking of the power supply about the Main Power Bus.
There is a procedure for choosing the correct fuses in the manual (p42). The example given if for a AC motor, mine are DC, with a current of 1.6A at 6V, how should I choose the fuse?
I have another beginner question. How can I know the characteristic of the power supply knowing the motors I will use?

Thank you again,

You would need to follow the same equations. Just make sure you calculate the individual elements in the equations according to what motor you are connecting. So so V_motorphase and P_axis will be calculated for your brush motor (which looks like a single phase motor) and not 3-phase motor.

Another question comes up. Why are you driving such a small motor with pBrick AC. It seems you should be using pBrick LV?
Thank you for the advice.

Good question ;-) It is a test bench to show that pBrick AC can do the job the company want for bigger motors (Gemini Observatory). So I must do it with small motors first.

Another question: The documentation about the watchdog for pBrick AC is quite obscure. It is written 5 Pin TB, is there a N/P from Phoenix Contact or Delta-Tau order?
The Delta Tau part number is written right on the page for X18 in the PBAC manual:

TB-5: 016-PL0F05-38P
ok, thanks, sorry I didn't see.

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