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I've encountered a problem using Gantry Follower involving the LimitStop Status bit. I have 2 motors setup #6 as ServoCtrl =1 and Motor #14 as ServoControl=8 and CmdMotor = 6. pLimits for both motors are pointing the master motor limit hardware channel (Gate3[2].Chan[2].Status.a) The Gantry moves fine, as expected until a limit is hit. The gantry stops at the limit and I can jog it out of the limit. The LimitStop bit on the master clears as soon as the motor moves, however the follower LimitStop bit won't clear when jogging the master. It will clear if I attempt to jog the follower ( of course the follower doesn't actually move) of if I #14J/ the motor. With the CS.LimitStop bit set this inhibits the Coordinate system from executing an axis move.

Is there an explanation for this behavior that I missed ?
Is there another way to clear the LimitStop bit on the Gantry follower ?
I will bring this to the attention of the firmware engineers. Presently the best solution is to issue a "J/" for the motor.

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