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Acc24E3 & Pbrick with analog feedback (sincos)
Is it possible to connect on Acc24E3 or Pbrick with sincos option, à second sincos on the pins named "altsin", "altcos" (u,v,w,t pin) ?

On some encoders there is 2 sincos signals, one with several period/rt, the second with one périod/rt. I would like to phase the motor with the second sincos connected on altsincos pins.
Is it possible ?
How do that ?

This feature is available on the ACC-24E3 with the analog mezzanine only - it is not available on the Power Bricks. The setup for these are the same as the primary encoder inputs but the ADCs are at:
C O R R E C T I O N :
The Power Bricks do have this feature.
Thank you Steve, that's wonderful.

Could you tell me the best way to get a position from AdcEnc[2] & [3] ?
I suppose it's with EncTable[n].type =4, but could you give me the full configuration ?

I will need to research this a bit to get the exact settings needed - but fundamentally a type 4 entry with the following:
EncTable[n].pEnc = Sys.Udata[x].a // the next 8 consecutive registers must always be zero
// to simulate the Encoder status/phase/servo capture registers
// to keep the quadrature count at zero
EncTable[n].pEnc1 = Gate3[i].Chan[j].AdcEnc[2].a
EncTable[n].index3 = 3 or 7
EncTable[n].index5 = 1
EncTable[n].ScaleFactor = set to equal the number of counts/rev of the actual commutation encoder

And then appropriately set the AbsPhasePos elements to look at this entry.
Thank you Steve,
I'll test it in some weeks at the customer plant.

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