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GP Input Flag
I have been trying to find the hardware description of the GP Input Flag, located on the Digital Feedback Mezzanine Board (604003) D-Sub Version pin 1 with out success.

Is there a document that describes this input?

I looked in the manual ACC-24E3 USER’S MANUAL.

In ACC24E3 Manual:
Wiring to: J1/TB1, J2/TB2 Encoder Connectors
- the GPInput comes in on Pin1 of the 15pin D-sub. It is labeled "CHT1"
So it's state can be read as the Halls T Flag Input for the given channel.
-Also for Hardware, look in manual for T Flag hardware wiring

HARDWARE: J1/TB1, J2/TB2 Encoder Connectors
- this is considered a Hall sensor type input, along with encoders so it is 5v

Excerpt from manual pg 17... NOTE the T Flag Input...
The U, V, W, and T flag inputs, usually used for Hall-style commutation sensors and digital-output temperature sensors, are 5V CMOS inputs with internal pull-up resistors. These flags share pins with the serial encoder inputs and the pulse-and-direction outputs; the user must configure in software which use the pins have. If the Hall commutation sensors are used for ongoing phase or servo position (not just power-on phase angle), the U, V, and W signals must be wired into the A+, B+, and C+ inputs on the connector.

You can get to the State of the Flag input here: Gate3[0].Chan[1].T=1

Excerpt from PPSRM manual:
Description: T flag input value
Range: 0 .. 1
Units: Boolean
Gate3[i].Chan[j].T contains the present logical state of the IC’s T flag input for the channel, latched on the most recent servo interrupt. A value of 1 corresponds to a high voltage into the IC; a value of 0 corresponds to a low voltage into the IC. On most Delta Tau hardware, the buffering external to the IC is non-inverting, so this applies to the voltages into the controller as well.

Let us know if need more.

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