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using analog input as feedback in position following
With Power Brick AC I want use different external analog signals as servofeedback in order to implement position following in different mode. 
If I acquire two analog signals in :

ADC1 of connector X9.
ADC1 of connector X10.

is right do this?

PTR ADC1X9 ->S.IO:$900028.16.16;
PTR ADC1X10->S.IO:$900128.16.16;

1- Configuring two ECT entry for the two different analog signal
EncTable[41].pEnc = ADC1X9;

EncTable[42].pEnc = ADC1X10;

2- To change analog servo feedback change only this command (using "pmatch")

Motor[9].pMasterEnc = EncTable[41].a
Motor[9].pMasterEnc = EncTable[42].a 

In power brick Ac user manual at page 58 is written:

EncTable[41].pEnc = PowerBrick[0].Chan[0].AdcAmp[2].a;

But the device in this way how can distinguish between ADC1X9 and ADC1X10??
Thanks for the reply.
They are enumerated in this order:
X9 ADC1 PowerBrick[0].Chan[0].AdcAmp[2]
X9 ADC2 PowerBrick[0].Chan[1].AdcAmp[2]
X10 ADC1 PowerBrick[0].Chan[2].AdcAmp[2]
X10 ADC2 PowerBrick[0].Chan[3].AdcAmp[2]
X11 ADC1 PowerBrick[1].Chan[0].AdcAmp[2]
X11 ADC2 PowerBrick[1].Chan[1].AdcAmp[2]
X12 ADC1 PowerBrick[1].Chan[2].AdcAmp[2]
X12 ADC2 PowerBrick[1].Chan[3].AdcAmp[2]

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