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Setup Variable
Hi, I want to ask why there is nothing in my setup variable? As attachment. Because I found that there must be something on the setup variable as I read the training slides there. Am I less configure something?
Please email us at Support at DeltaTau dot com. There is a known firmware issue that may be causing this, so I would like to confirm what version you have and help accordingly. That said, to set up a system, you shouldn't really need to go through the Setup Variables window, you should be able to do everything you need with the Terminal or the System Setup tool.
Hi, my system setup show 'In Development' for my power clipper. How to fix this problem? Is my software problem? My Power Pmac IDE is
It says "In Development" because it's in development.

You should still be able to proceed and set up a motor, however. The screen to which you refer is just a status page.

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