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System Setup: Motor Information
Hi, I have power clipper connect with servo motor. So how i can get motor information and put into the power clipper?
The manual for the Power Clipper can be found in the Forum's FileDepot at:
Power Clipper HRM
Where can i get the information of the amplifier, motor and so on to do the setup to Power Clipper?
Just like the picture that attached. How to manufacturer since the selection only have "Add New...."?
That information is usually on a datasheet provided by the manufacturer of the servo motor or drive. If you input the information, you can then select "Add to Database" on the right side to add it to your database if you have that same motor in other locations.
Hi, the motor feedback type i using is incremental encoder. But I found that there is no incremental encoder in the system setup> motor setup feedback type selection. So what I need to select?
The Motor Feedback Type selection is asking what type of incremental/absolute encoder it is. For instance, Quadrature is one common type of incremental encoder, but is not the only one, so you would need to consult the data sheet for your encoder to see what protocol/type of incremental encoder it is. You may be able to guess from the pinout of the encoder, too (Sine and Cosine could be a Sinusoidal Encoder, while A and B channels may be Quadrature), though multiple protocols may use the same signal names, so this is not as reliable. For questions like these, we do strongly recommend attending our training course if it is possible, though I see from your other post that you are at least looking through the slides.
Thanks for your info. After do this setup, so motor setup is done? I wish to use power clipper send pulse to drive my servo motor. So the driver which drive the servo motor is consider amplifier?

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