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reset failed - new strange behaviour!
I've had a few occasions recently where PowerPMAC has been behaving very oddly after downloading code and it's been apparent that code is not running correctly. My remedy has been to do a "clean" and re-download and save the code, and then to issue a $$$. On several occasions the reset has not happened and eventually the message "PowerPMAC reset failed" appears.

What is happening?

The only remedy then seems to be to repower the system - and then things seem to work normally again.

Any ideas?
Do you have any C programs that run at powerup?

Do you have any MACRO-related commands saved in the header files (filetype .pmh) in the Global Includes folders?
Yes, we have a number of background C programs and a CPLC which is started by PLC 1 which also runs on power up.

There are no MACRO-related commands.
It varies, but sometimes customers can cause problems for themselves using C depending on their ability level. Could you post the C programs here so I can check if they're safe?

Also, what did you mean earlier, exactly, that the code wasn't running correctly?

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