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C Library project structure
I cannot find much help on how the C Libraries are implemented. I am now trying to structure a large project. The IDE manual says the libraries are for Background C Programs, there was a time they couldn't be used in CPLCs but I see they are linked to these now so I assume is fixed.

Before I go too far:

1) I am struggling to get one library to reference another:

I have a "network.c" library setting up sockets and containing standard read/write calls.
I have a "network_utils.c" library which contains some logging utils and other small methods.

I have a few Background Programs which call methods from both. This is fine.

Now my "network.c" library needs to call methods in "network_utils.c". I have #included the header but the build gives errors like "Error : undefined reference to `LogS'"

2) Do they work in rticplc or usrcode yet?
My guess on #1 is some addition to the make file to link the library. I'll have one of the programmers look into this.

On #2 should be ok in CPLCs but not in Realtime Routines.

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