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old software
I've still got a VB 5 app that is running under WinNT 4.0, COMPAQ deskpro (ouch), SCSI drive, and talking to a PCI Pmac board. The app uses the PTALK 1.6 ocx.

I've got a new path in place to move to a UMAC, but I'm still trying to keep the old one alive for awhile, altho on a newer pc, XP, and VB6. I've moved all the files, regsvr32'd them, and the program loads into VB6 and builds ok. I haven't moved my PMAC board into it yet, but ran the app and I get an error message when the form with PTALK ocx on it.

hoping it will work , but does anyone know if that OCX has any specific NT4.0 hooks that may stop it from working in XP.

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