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PMAC-PC 602191
Hello, DT support.
I have the desire to build a simple 3-axes Mill Machine with spindle. I am writing to you for help.
I have set:
1. PMAC-PC 602191-104, 4 Axes
2. CPU board Option 2602705-557 (60Mhz)
3. DPRAM, 602240-101
I Have Windows XP
In PEWIN-32Pro I fixed the link to the card using IRQ5 (E83 on board), the ISA Bus Base Address Control I/O 021F-0210
(and jmp E66 and E71 's set-OFF), D4000-D7FFF. Motor setup-Ok! DPRAM Test-Ok!
I can not create a machine in the PMAC-NC Pro2 Runtime. When you create a project, the PEWIN finds errors in the PLC.
Tested, there are variables that are designed for other PMAC.
It is possible that PMAC-NC Pro2 Runtime (ver 5.2) is not designed for PMAC-602191 PC-104 or NC5X.phm file?
I really hope to help. Will send the necessary files.
The PMAC-NC Pro2 Runtime software requires a Turbo CPU.
What program should I use for my case?
Where can I download this program, ftp: //
Any help/hints are most appreciated.
Best regards.
We no longer sell NC software for non-Turbo PMAC. Please keep in mind that the hardware you have is very old and obsolete. I would recommend upgrading your hardware to one of the Turbo PMAC products like the Turbo Clipper with the DPRAM option. This will be compatible with the PMAC-NC Pro2 Runtime software.
Understand the business.
I'm building a Machine for the soul in my apartment. I like Deltatau, but money for such purchases not. Perhaps you have available in the archive NC software for my PMAC under Windos XP. Sorry for my English I live in Ukraina.
There is an older, obsolete version of our NC software that will work with this PMAC on WinXP or below. I will look into the possibility of getting this for you. It does have full documentation but there will be no support or warranty.
Really thank you for this work. PMAC is working. Already tried and PmacPanel Pro 2. It is also difficult without experience.

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