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PMAC-PC 602191
Hello, DT support.
I have the desire to build a simple 3-axes Mill Machine with spindle. I am writing to you for help.
I have set:
1. PMAC-PC 602191-104, 4 Axes
2. CPU board Option 2602705-557 (60Mhz)
3. DPRAM, 602240-101
I Have Windows XP
In PEWIN-32Pro I fixed the link to the card using IRQ5 (E83 on board), the ISA Bus Base Address Control I/O 021F-0210
(and jmp E66 and E71 's set-OFF), D4000-D7FFF. Motor setup-Ok! DPRAM Test-Ok!
I can not create a machine in the PMAC-NC Pro2 Runtime. When you create a project, the PEWIN finds errors in the PLC.
Tested, there are variables that are designed for other PMAC.
It is possible that PMAC-NC Pro2 Runtime (ver 5.2) is not designed for PMAC-602191 PC-104 or NC5X.phm file?
I really hope to help. Will send the necessary files.

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