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(SOLVED) Send() Problems IDE 2.0

I recently upgraded to the latest IDE and firmware (IDE 2.0 with Firmware

My [Background C++] application was hanging and seg-faulting and I was not getting any Send() messages (These may not be related). I like to use the unsolicited messages as a debugging tool when things go south.

I created a simple C application in the IDE which initialized the library and sent some messages through printf() and Send(). I was not able to get the Send() function to work properly.

I did verify that the unsolicited messages window in the application was started and online (several times!). I've attached the test code I'm using:

#include <gplib.h>   // Global Gp Shared memory pointer
// The following is a projpp created file from the User defines
#include "../../Include/pp_proj.h"

//Main entry point to program that also sets up threads and inits libraries.
int main(void)
    printf("\nAt Very Beginning\n");
    /* Avoids memory swapping for this program */
    InitLibrary();                    //Init DT library.
    printf("PPMAC is initialized.\n");
    Send(1,"This is a test.");

Please let me know if there are any ideas to try.

Sometimes its the simple things that get you. The new IDE installation didn't have the send buffers enabled that I was using (Buffers #1 and #2). I don't recall if prior versions had 0-4 as a
default or if that's what I had set up originally.

I was about to run sendgetsends over SSH when it occurred to me that all buffers weren't enabled.


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