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Clipper 5th axis homimg
Hello Everyone,

I have 4 axes clipper controller with op-12 ,i configure 5 axis and its working fine.
But i faced problem during homing in handwheel port only A,/A,B,/B singnals are available C,/C (index pulse) missing .

I have to home this axis on home switch + index pulse........

Is their any solution for this........
or other any way to home this axis on home switch + index pulse.....

Hello Ashish,

I think that the best idea that I have is to wire the index signal into the User Flag input on J9. This approach would require two home moves. First, home to the Home Flag. Second, change I6812 and I6813 for using the User Flag, and home again.
Also, but more complex, use the "alternate" pin usage of the JOPTO and JTHW ports as described in the Clipper HRM. All of the other axis flags for the handwheel port can be accessed this way. You do give up pins on theses ports if you do this.
Note that the Handwheel encoder index for the first channel (C-channel HWC1) is located on the JTHW port bit zero (DAT0 pin 3 of J8). A power on PLC will be required to set the JTHW Port Data Type Control Register bit zero to a value of zero to change it from the standard JTHW function to the alternate HWC1 function – all other features of this port can be left at their default settings.
From the Turbo SRM:
Y:$078406 JTHW Port Data Type Control Register
Bits: 0 DAT0 Data Type Control (0=HWC1; 1 =DAT0)

Use the following startup PLC:

M42->Y:$78406,0,24 ; J8 port data type control (1 = I/O; 0 = flag function)

//Power-up PLC:
Open plc 1 clear
M42 = $FFFE ; bit 0 flag function all others standard
Disable plc 1

If needed the JTHW inversion control may be found at: X:$078406
Thank You Sir,

But , JTHW port we are using and connected to Acc 34AA....

I used 2 step homing method and its working .......
I did first homing on user flag and second homing (index) on home flag.

Ok Thanks again And Happy New Year to all.

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