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PMAC PC Saturated output on All DAC channels
I have a 602191-104 PMAC PC in a 5 Axis Fadal Mill . After Trouble Shooting Multi Axis Runaway , I have saturated Analog Output Voltages from all the DAC channels . Even with all Axis stable with feedback. The Control was just received back from the manufacturer, they also sent out a senior tech and he came to the same conclusion.
I do know that the 60Pin cable on the J8 machine connector was initially installed incorrectly , ( cable has no locating tabs ) .
Could this have damaged the DAC IC's ? The DT board use the PC Power Supply for all its power , No External Power Source .
Could I have a jumper setting on the board Incorrect , causing my problem . All I variables and M variables seem to be correct . Or is it a case of fried hardware. Dwayne
Hi Dwayne,

We spoke earlier on the phone. Reversing the JMACH connector would put DAC and enable outputs into encoders, so conceivably PMAC DAC outputs as well as encoders could be damaged. It looks like the PMAC is damaged because the DACs remain saturated even when the board is reinitialized.

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