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Some questions for use NC program with data downloading
Dear all members,

Hello, I'm Kyoung-rock in Korea.

I use 'NC Lite S/W' that NC software with UMAC developed by Mr. Song in Deltatau Korea.(I guess NC lite is similar algorithm with NC PRO2..)

and I want to build on machine measuring(OMM) system with UMAC.

I will use LVDT sensor to detect target.

It will be execute signal process by accessory board as such as ACC-28E.

So, Many data is needed downloading to PC from UMAC (X, Y, Z, Sensor signal...)

In this case, the data is saved at rotary buffer to downloading. but the NC code also saved at rotary buffer.

In rotary buffer, many sensor data and NC code is mixed. therefore, machine is stopped or data is ruined.

I saw some kind of similar system below.

1. Precitech Freeform(DTM)

2. Moore Nanotech(DTM)

both of them are used like to UMAC and company in USA. and they has OMM with LVDT.

How can I get whole data from sensor working with NC motion?

If I use NC PRO 2, didn't need to concern this problem? or Is there some solution existed?

and PowerPMAC NC is available?

Please check about this problem

Thank you for your support.

Best regard,

I’m not sure how you are getting your sensor data mixed in with your NC code in the rotary buffer as I am not familiar with the 'NC Lite S/W'. You may want to consult Delta Tau Korea on this.

I can tell you with the “NC PRO 2” or the “PowerPMAC NC” software this would be simply accomplished with PMAC data gathering. You would need separate application code to upload and translate the data accordingly.

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