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Macro setting problem
Macro setting problem

I have total 24 axis,20 axis in Power UMAC rack,and 4 in another rack with Macro 16 CPU connected by ACC-5E3 thought MACRO.
The 24 axis work well normally,but the last 4 aixs(20~24) closed-loop though MACRO(ACC5E3,MACRO 16 CPU,ACC24E2S) was not stable sometimes,the position was changed very big size(about 3000 cts max)because ix11 was set by 0,so the close loop is still work.Of cousrse nobody send any command in this situation.So the machine shake there.When the problem appeared,have to recycle the power supply,and if it was still bad,have to recycle the power again,untile it become well,may need 3 or 4 times.And I'm sure it's not cause by Closed loop oscillation.

I geuss the reason was the parameter about MACRO Clock synchronization was not correct,but I'm not sure.

Thanks a lot!

Is this the same system with which you were having problems before?

You need to make sure your phase clock settings are the same on the master and the slave station.

You may want to check the current loop and servo loop tuning on the slave station as well.

It's new! And It's Power CPU,before are UMACs.

I'm sure nobody had set that about phase clock,it should be default value there,so the phase clock should same on the master and the slave.

The 24 amplifiers customer using are the same, and works in velocity mode,and I'm sure it's not cause by Closed loop oscillation.
My customer ask answer to me,help needed!

I am not sure what is wrong without seeing a video or some plots or something. Just looking at the settings is not enough.

I could not view your youku video due to our IT department blocking it. Can you upload the video to an FTP site or something?
I do not like to jump into the middle of something. In this case the first step would be to do as Charles said and make sure all the Gates in the system are set to the same clocking values. It is not a given fact that ACC5E3 default clocks match Gate1 default clocks. And just because the Gate1 is a slave does not mean you do not need to set its clocks.

Even if this is not the problem now it could become one in the future. So make sure you have a setup that sets the all gates phase and servo to the same values.

I would like to check the parameters,because the machine is not beside me and my customer,it's in the terminal customer there,so test it not so easy now.
I have to get more key to prepare to find the problem,and fly to the machine to check PPMAC next week.

Thanks a lot!

Here is clock parameters for PowerPMAC and MACRO16.
Phase 9KHz and Servo 4.5KHz.
Please re-tune PID loop after you update phase & servo clock.

////Make sure these parameters are detected automatically.
//Gate3[0].PhaseServoDir = 0;
//Gate1[4].PhaseServoDir = 3;
//Gate1[6].PhaseServoDir = 3;
//Gate1[8].PhaseServoDir = 3;
//Gate1[10].PhaseServoDir = 3;
//Gate1[12].PhaseServoDir = 3;

Gate3[0].PhaseFreq=9000; // 9.0KHZ Phase
Gate3[0].PhaseClockDiv=0; // Internal same as external
Gate3[0].PhaseClockMult=0; // Internal same as external
Gate3[0].ServoClockDiv=1; // Servo Clock 4.5KHz


Gate1[4].PwmPeriod = 6527;
Gate1[4].PhaseClockDiv =0;
Gate1[4].ServoClockDiv =1;

Gate1[6].PwmPeriod = 6527;
Gate1[6].PhaseClockDiv =0;
Gate1[6].ServoClockDiv =1;

Gate1[8].PwmPeriod = 6527;
Gate1[8].PhaseClockDiv =0;
Gate1[8].ServoClockDiv =1;

Gate1[10].PwmPeriod = 6527;
Gate1[10].PhaseClockDiv =0;
Gate1[10].ServoClockDiv =1;

Gate1[12].PwmPeriod = 6527;
Gate1[12].PhaseClockDiv =0;
Gate1[12].ServoClockDiv =1;

////Issue "MacroSlaveCLRF0" after download, save, $$$.
////Make sure these parameters in MACRO station.
//MacroSlave0,i900=$197F ; //6527
//MacroSlave0,i992=$197F ; //6527
//MacroSlave0,i996=$FCCFF ; //Same value with Gate3[0].MacroEnableA
Well,some trying had been done!

The clocks we used now is the default 2.25KHz.
Gate1[*].PwmPeriod = 6527;
Gate1[*].PhaseClockDiv =0;
Gate1[*].ServoClockDiv =3;
These are default will be right.

We found the feedback of Encoder is normal when the problem is appear( the machine shake),of course we plot the data of ENC.
And if we kill the motor and use the "out" CMD then,even out10, the speed reach the max. 10% of the max speed will be right in fact.
So the problem is the CMD of speed can't be send correctly when the problem appeared.

We also check the parameters about how to send PWM signal from ACC-24E2S in the slave station:
MacroSlave0,i900=$197F ; //6527
These seems right!

Input of IO will be lost,but Output also right when the problem happenned.

After the parameter of MacroSlave0,i996 is set to $FCCFF,if the master been reset,the MacroSlave0,i996 will be set to $f8cff automaticly.Who know the possble reason?
What is your max output frequency?
Default is 9.8MHz. Out10 command should be 983KHz.
If you need another frequency setting, please update MacroSlave0,I993.

For IO node setting, please make sure MacroSlave0,I975=$CCCC.
MacroSlave0,I996 would not change from $FCCFF to $F8CFF.
Also note if this is a torque mode drive the command is not a velocity so an out10 will accelerate continuously.
Hello Akira,

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