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NC32-v2.36 MDI/Buffer Operation
I have a small lathe set up, and am able to to jog, home axes using Adv600 control panel, but do not fully understand how the MDI & buffer operate.

I first home the X & Z axes.

I enter 'S400 M03' (on separate lines) into the edit window, click the 'Write to Buffer' command button, then push the 'Cycle Start' button. Spindle rotates as expected.

If I then enter 'Z1.5' (just some move to verify operation) into the edit window, as soon as I click the 'Write to Buffer' command button, it kills the spindle rotation. Pushing the 'Cycle Start' button causes the Z to move, as expected.

Is this 'normal' operation for this software? BTW, this was using the v2.36 software, NOT the v2.36(1) 4 program changes.

I enabled buffer logging and got these results:

Quote:Into Auto or Mdi Mode Sun Aug 17 20:45:20 2014

input -> S400
output -> BSTARTM167=1 F5.0 CCR 0.000000 M158=0G49.0H0.000000X0.000000Z0.000000DWE0NRM K-1 G17.0
G0.0ABS G90.1G98.0G20.0G49.0G97.0G54.0X0.000000Z0.000000DWE0S400M26==400DWE0BSTOP

input -> M03
output -> BSTARTM167=2 M3.000DWELL4STOPBSTOP

input -> G00 Z1.5
output -> BSTARTM165==1M167=0 G0.0Z1.5 DWELL4STOPBSTOP
Shutting Down Logging Sun Aug 17 20:46:51 2014

Yes this is normal operation - it is done as a safety precaution.
(08-18-2014, 11:28 AM)steve.milici Wrote: Yes this is normal operation - it is done as a safety precaution.

OK, got it.


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