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Improved plotting ability

I found that the Plot tool that is provided with the IDE really has limitation in displaying plots with any more that two signals.

If any of you are using Python there are some great FREE modules out there that people have written.

I created a couple of (quick and dirty) programs to make data display easier (this literally took me 30 mins and is by no means finished or polished). Here is an example of one of the plot outputs


If anyone is interested I have attached the Python scripts (rename to .py). You will also need Python3 and matplotlib

To use the program setup you gather as usual and after you Upload
Chose Export Gather Data from the file menu. This will create two files the gat file and the gat.set file. The program uses the .set file to figure out the axis names and the gat file for the raw data.

I will continue to refine my program (e.g. colours and other presentation stuff), so if you like it let me know and I will keep you in the loop.


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