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Useralgo question
We are trying to implement a user algo...

I followed the user manual on user written servo routines.
1) Algo is written using ptr->P[] for P-variable access
2) From Solution explorer, right clicked on Realtime routines and selected user servo setup and assigned my open servo to Motor[11]
3) Built and down loaded program and ran it.

But Motor[11].Ctrl = Sys.ServoCtrl is not pointing at UserAlgo.ServoCtrlAddr[1]

And in fact

Checked the ../bin/debug directory and a new usralgo.ko with the current time exists

But Motor[11].Ctrl = Sys.ServoCtrl and it can't be set to UserAlgo.ServoCtrlAddr[0]

How and where do we assign the address of our user program to UserAlgo. ServoCtrlAddr[x]?

And How and where do we assign Motor[11].Ctrl = UserAlgo. ServoCtrlAddr[x]?

What are we missing?
See the section “ASSOCIATING MOTORS WITH USER-WRITTEN SERVO AND PHASE ALGORITHMS” in the “Power PMAC IDE” manual starting on page 206 (212 electronic).

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