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help to setup a modbus Geobrick
Hello, I need help to setup a modbus Geobrick.
The Geobrick (master) communicates with a safety PLC (slave)

The Modbus protocol says to communicate, you must configure (on the master ) the IP address, the slave number and the register number + function code (3 for Read Holding Registers or 16 for Write Multiple Registers)

At PEWIN32, I do not see how to configure the slave number and register number. Can someone explain me?
I see, you need to configure the "Modbus reference #", but what data should I put (N° slave + starting adresss?? Unit identifier ?)?

When I use a program like "Modbus Doctor", I can read the desired value (see screenshot below).


thank you in advance for your help
There is a description of how this is computed in the Pewin32 Pro2 Software Manual in the section "Modbus Setup Window" on page 44:

Also see the documents at our FTP-site:

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