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PLC coordinate system
What can change a PLC's coordinate system?

I have a 'command processor' PLC running and reacting to commands (from PMAC or a connected PC).

There are many commands handled but I just experienced a problem where the DISABLE command did not kill the motors (dangerous) because PLC10 was using CS0 even though it had been set to CS1 earlier:

open plc 10
    switch (pmCmnd)
        case 0:

        case DISABLECMND:
        case COORD1CMND:
            Plc[10].Ldata.Coord = 1;
    pmCmnd = 0;


The COORD1CMND is issued at the start of the session and non of my code explicitly alters the CS after that. When I discovered the motors were still closed loop issuing COORD1CMND again and then DISABLECMND worked as expected.

I can get around this by always setting the CS before each command (we only have one anyway) or should I do &*ddisable? in script?

Something has to be changing Plc[10].Ldata.Coord. You can monitor it externally using the full name.

Even if you cannot trace it, it takes very little time to set it each time you want to issue a command.

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