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Motor's commanded position
In my existing UMAC code I use the commanded motor positions located in addresses such as:

M161->D:$000088 ; #1 Commanded position (1/[Ixx08*32] cts)

What is the direct equivalent of this in PowerPMAC? It seems from the manual that Motor[x].DesPos is not really the same (as it includes the master position).

How does Motor[x].Desired.Pos relate to this? Is this the desired position at the start of each move? (I don't really understand the description in the manual!)

To get the equivalent of this Mx61 Turbo PMAC register in Power PMAC, use

Motor[x].DesPos - Motor[x].ActiveMasterPos - Motor[x].CompDesPos - Motor[x].HomePos

Motor[x].Desired.Pos is the position at the start of the present section or segment of commanded motion (i.e. p0 for the present equations of commanded motion.
Thanks Curt.

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