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Encryption with patches?
We are currently looking to start running encryption on our system and one thing we are not sure of is how do we manage plc or c program updates in the field? How do we currently update a single plc or c app on the PPMAC in the field with and without encryption?

Do we need to run the IDE to build the plcs every time we have an update? Is there a way (maybe communication library) that we can update a plc without having to use the IDE?

Our fallback may have to be updating the entire system with the USB folder update option.

Anyone else updating single plcs in the field?
It appears you can simply copy the /opt/ppmac/usrflash folder to the PPMAC and it will boot and use those as the saved PLCs. This then pushes them to the /var/ftp/usrflash folder which is where the actively running PLCS are stored.

Encryption is not fully functional at the moment but the same should be true to copy the usrflash directory to transfer PLCs and Cprograms.

This may be a viable way to deploy plcs. Also if you edit a plc and make changes, they take affect after a reboot however I have not determined how to add variables or definitions into the mix yet.
I would suggest using the "Recovery Disk" option of the "Backup" tool. It will do this automatically for the entire project. This is transported on a USB stick.

You are correct a Recovery Disk option for "Complete" gives all the /usrflash stuff as well as network, and kernel.

It would be GREAT to also grab the fstab as none of the options except a full image will grab the filesystem which uses shares. This machine specific characteristic is akin to the network settings that need saved and the tool would be better than a script hack we are doing now.

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