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IDE PLC Debugging Doesnt Work?????
We were trying to use the IDE debugging to step through a PLC and either we are not doing it correctly (quite possible) or it just plain doesn't work at all.

We have firmware v1.6.30 and the IDE is version 1.6.109 (we have not updated to the firmware/ide that came out yesterday)

We build and download everything and then right click on the plc and select "debug selected plc" and it opens the debugger. We put breakpoints and it never hits any breakpoints.

We use VS2013 for C# so we know how it's SUPPOSED to work and it just doesn't seem to work.

Anyone else able to debug PLCs? Does debugging work for C programs with the IDE (don't want to resort to GDB on Linux).
You have to have the PLC called by a name and not a number. For example

open plc myplc1 // will allow the debugger to work

open plc 1 // the debugger can not work.

Thanks I will try that. I missed that in the manual ;-)
does this name come from a define that equals a number
#define myplc1 1

or does the name have to be the same as the actual plc filename in the project?

We are still having some difficulty getting it to work......any help would be appreciated.
The name should not matter, it is just a name

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