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Error File upload Failed. File Size is zero
Hello, I got a Powerbrick LV for testing.
Now I'm trying to setup the System with Power PMAC Suite / System Setup.
A Motor is added, configuration steps 1-6 are done. In step 7 "Test and Comissision the Motor" in test No.6 ("Open loop test") the automatic test fails and the manual test shows this error: "File upload Failed. File Size is Zero"

Thank you!
Can you send a screenshot of this error to
I found, that this error occurs, if pAbortAll is not set to 0 (with unconnected abort).
So, I wrote for my tests this line in pp_startup.txt:
pAbortAll = 0;

The "Debug Messages" indicates that you are getting a FatalFeLimit fault. This results in no data being gathered. Follow the suggestion to make this limit "not too conservative". This should clear up the issue.

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