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that alarm "motor on limit"
The problem is that when turning on the details of the function G01 there is an alarm "motor on limit" and stop the drive.
What kind of alarm?
How to find the cause of this alarm?
thank you
This is an indication you are on one of the "over-travel" limits. What is the exact text of the alarm message?
text message "(X) Motor on limit"
Alarm eliminated reduced parameter I117 from 0.2 to 0.1
Hi !
May specifically describe what this Alarm "(X) Motor on limit"?
This type of alarm occurs, when the load on the drive increases .
We would need more details as to what PMAC you have and what is the host computer software used. This message is machine builder specific so you should consult the machine documentation. In general this probably refers to the X axis over-travel limit.

The load on the drive could be killing the motor causing it to coast into the over-travel limit.
we use PHMI-NC-PRO2.
Thanks, at the moment everything is working

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