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Change ppmac ip

i have a problem connecting to the ppmac, because my subnet is not big enough to support 0.100, so how to change the ip to my subnet?

thanks for your support,

The section “Changing Power PMAC’s IP Address” in the “Power PMAC IDE” manual has a complete description of this task. You can access this manual on our Forum’s FileDepot under the “Power PMAC” folder then “Manuals”. Here is a link to this site:
I tested it, but I`m unable to change the ip from to
Are there any resolves for this?
To properly troubleshoot this issue we will need to know at what point in the procedure you get the failure. What is the version of PPMAC firmware and what is the IDE version?

Also - are you able to communicate at the default IP address?
thx for reply. now it works, i have updated my ide

thx for help

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