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Please help with brake control setup
If Motor[3] brake is connected to the output represented by
ACC65E[0].DataReg[3].0.1; (first output on the ACC65E),
do I assign Motor[3].pBrakeOut = Acc65E[0].DataReg[3].a ?

And then do I assign Motor[3].BrakeOutBit = 0 ?

How do people typically decide on appropriate values for
.BrakeOffDelay and .BrakeOnDelay?

Motor[3].BrakeOutBit = 8, since the data is in bits [8:15] of each register for ACC-65E, ACC-67E, ACC-68E.

Brake On Delay and Brake Off Delay should be set based upon the reaction time from the brakes on the motor and your servo performance. You can measure the reaction time of the brake using the plot program and how it affects the actual velocity of your motor when you engage and disengage the brake.
Sina Sattari
Hardware Engineering Manager
Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc.

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