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Motor acceleration limits
I am in the process of converting from Turbo to PowerPMAC.

In my old UMAC software I had to set Ixx17 to a rather arbitrary large value (above the actual capability of the motor) to enable a LINEAR mode motion program to run correctly with a short move time (so that the move time was not automatically extended and the motor velocity consequently reduced). In PowerPMAC, is it necessary to set both Motor[x].InvAmax and InvDmax to suitable values to prevent this issue - or is it sufficient to just set Dmax? I don't think that the manual makes this clear.

You must set InvAmax as well, because each move has an acceleration blend into it, and a "final" deceleration (which will be thrown away if there is another move in the sequence, but PMAC doesn't know that as it calculates this move - it has to assume each move it calculates will be the final one in the series).

You also must set InvJmax, because in this mode it is also checking for jerk violations during the blend and possible final deceleration.

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