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analog setting of PMAC104
Which parameter is use for control torque output and speed of motor?
i have done setting refer user manaul:
I900 = 1001
I901 = 2
I902 = 3
I906 = 1001
I9n6 = 0 ; n = channel number from 1 to 8
Ix69 = 1024 ; x = motor number from 1 to 8
I10 = 1710933
Once you have set-up the filtered PWM DACs you will need to tune the motor(s). Once this is done motor jog speed is set by Ix22. In motion programs speed is commanded by the federate statement "F{data}".
How about torque? it's follow federate percentage also?
It's able separate parameter to control torque and speed?
The type of drive and the proper tuning to that drive determine if the command is a torque or velocity command. What does your drive require for input, torque or velocity command?

If the drive accepts a torque command the open loop command, #n Oxxx is used where n=motor# and xxx=torque percent output.
hi, Steve. it's possible use analog output connect to servo driver and call positioning?
I mean that use "TM" command on it.
Positioning can only be done if the motor is in closed loop - it cannot be done with the open loop "O" command.

The TM" command can only be used in a motion program.

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