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1.6 IDE archive corrupt
You may want to check the archive for the new IDE. I downloaded it twice and got errors when I tried to de-compress it.

I tried a couple of different archive programs, as well as the native windows archive program. They all indicated the archive was corrupt.

See output from one of the archive programs below:

! C:\Users\Desktop\Power PMAC IDE (01-13-2014).zip: The archive is corrupt
! C:\Users\Desktop\Power PMAC IDE (01-13-2014).zip: CRC failed in Power PMAC IDE (01-13-2014)\ The file is corrupt
! C:\Users\Desktop\Power PMAC IDE (01-13-2014).zip: The archive is corrupt

Some of the files that were posted yesterday did not get properly transferred to our servers, and so both the SplitZip and the regular .zip file appeared to be corrupted. This issue should now be resolved if you redownload the files from . Remember that you must uninstall your current version of the IDE before the new version can be installed.
Sorry for any inconvenience that the corrupted files caused during the last few days. We have the correct files on the filedepot and I’ve tested the download and proper extraction of them. Please download at your convenience.
Sina Sattari
Hardware Engineering Manager
Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc.

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