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Controlling motor using ADV400
I am using ADVANTAGE 400. I am trying to use the analog output of the PMAC2 terminal. I have used a MAXON DC motor with encoder and a MAXON servo amplifier with it. Motor is running in close loop.The serial communication between ADVANTAGE 400 and pewin32 is established successfully. My question is how can I control the speed of the motor from pewin32. Please help!
Are you saying that you have already tuned the motor and are able to control it closed-loop?

If so, you can vary the jog speed of the motor using Ix22, and the programmed speed with Ix16. You can adjust Ix17 and/or Ix20-Ix21 for acceleration control also. Ix23 adjusts homing speed and direction.

For more details, refer to pages 73-77 of the PMAC SRM.
No, I did not tune the motor but I have closed the loop connection wise.What is the next step to control the motor speed?

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