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Clipper Drive Question
For an OEM application, I have need of a controller/drive for four axes. Two axes are dual loop, so I need 6 feedback channels. The Clipper Drive seems a suitable solution, but standard only has four encoder channels.

As two feedback channels are velocity only, I will not need index on those. Is it possible to use the handwheel encoders as a secondary feedback?

If not, what other options do you suggest.
Yes - you can use these for the extra encoders.
As long as you are not using closed-loop steppers.
HC - I'm not following why closed-loop steppers would be different. The Clipper drive controls stepper motors in "direct microstepping" mode, not using pulse-and-direction control. In P&D control, we often feed the output signal back to the encoder counter in open-loop mode, but this does not occur in direct microstepping.
Sorry, I missed the "drive" part of that and was thinking it was a standard Clipper.

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