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PMAC VME download problems
I have two PMAC-VME boards. Operational board running v1.17w/40Mhz processor. One back up board running ver 1.16 w/20 Mhz processor.
We made software changes and wanted to update the backup board and it
failed during the download of new files. Mistakenly I believe we installed
the jumper 51 and reset it to factory default erasing the original files.
I have tried many iterations of download attempt with nothing successful.
I am beginning to believe the backup board has failed in some way. The battery is good. Am I missing something in this process? Is there a problem with v 1.16 vs v 1.17?
There are differences in the firmware. What are the errors that you get?
Upon starting the executive software the screen displays two errors:

Cannot set I63 and I64 to 1

Upgrade firmware
Can I have this cards firmware upgraded from 1.16 to 1.17?
This isn't an actual error but a warning that the 1.16 firmware is older than 1.16F and does not have the enhance communication I-variables I63 and I64. You should be able to proceed after this without issues.

You won't be able to update the 1.16 to a 1.17 but you can update it to a 1.16H. This will give you the I63 and I64 capability. Send an E-mail to to request this version of firmware. Provide the part-number of the PMAC-VME and CPU section.

See the following post for loading instructions:

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