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power pmac etherlite with mitsubishi ethercat drive
dear sina

currently i am using turo pmac 1 in velocity mode with mitsubishi mr-j3 a drive.

but size variation due to noise in dac and encoder out is forcing me to shift to another option.

as power pmac etherlite ( ethercat) is available with you and mitsubishi is having their drive on ethercat, so i can work on them.

please suggest and provide help if in india somebody is working on it.

rajkumar attri

Delta Tau India is able to assist you in setup and ordering of Power PMAC EtherLite. Please contact them on this issue:

Sina Sattari
Hardware Engineering Manager
Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc.
Is there a MR-J3 drive from Mitsubishi available with ethercat built in, or is it the "saddlebag" option module similar to how Yaskawa does it?


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