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Active M code window
My active M-code window does not update when an M7 or M8 is issued. M09 stays in place despite M7-8 being commanded. I did not change the lathe.m file to operate my outputs I made an accessory PLC instead.

Any ideas?
I found this in the NC functions manual:
Returns Collant select as a string. The return value can vary depending on the following:
If Collant Select = NC_COOLANT_MIST:
Return Val = 7;
If Collant Select = NC_COOLANT_FLOOD:
If Collant Select = NC_COOLANT_BOTH:
Return Val = 8;
Return Val = 9;
Should the NC_COOLANT_* variables be in one of my *.h files? Should their status be set in the *.M file?
Deltau Tau tells me there is a Pcomm server update that is going to resolve this issure.

Thanks Steve M.
@SET_ON(CS_STATUS3_M, CS_CLNT_FLOOD) ;<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< these are not used
@SET_ON(CS_STATUS3_M, CS_CLNT_MIST) ;<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

for M07 substitute S_CLNT_M = SEL_CLNT_FLOOD
for M08 substiture S_CLNT_M = SEL_CLNT_MIST
for M09 substiture S_CLNT_M = SEL_CLNT_OFF

This solved my active M-Code issues.

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