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Use of DPlots ActiveX
I use DPlots ActiveX to display tool 2D-trajectories (in the XY plane) in the NC PRO2 project.

1. Changing the properties ScaleMaxX and ScaleMaxY in the runtime is very convenient way to zoom in/out plot area to get small trajectory parts readable for operator.

The problem is that ScaleMaxY property does work as described above, but ScaleMaxX does not. Moreover changing ScaleMaxX in the design time doesn't change X scale of DPlots (both on click on Apply button, and pressing <Enter> the Properties Frame in VBA).

X scale updated to the new ScaleMaxX value only upon restart of NC PRO2 Runtime, but this of course is not the way out...

Why does property ScaleMaxX not work in the same way as ScaleMaxY?

2. QueriesEnabled Property set to false in the runtime does not disable traces queries. Traces continue get updated and plotted...
How this Property should work and what it is intended for?

Maybe there is an updated version of DPlots ActiveX with the issues fixed...?
What is the reason of excluding Plot2D feature from the latest releases of NC Pro2 Runtime?
Unfortunately we no longer support the DPlot. This activeX was created for one of our customers and it was included by mistake in the designer. I don't believe it was ever finished as a full featured product.

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