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Hello Everyone:

What's a good idear to caculate the time for SPLINE2? Especially for limitting the max velocity or max acceleration,like the lookahead do.

Turbo PMAC uses "way-points" to calculate the velocities in SPLINEx mode. Check the Turbo PMAC User’s manual under the SPLINE section for these details.
Hello Steve,

The "way-points" is used for SPLINE1,is there a formula for SPLINE2 to calculate the "way-points"?

Our SPLINE2 may be considered proprietary - I will look into these details and if I can post the math.
Would the movetime command provide the calculation you are looking for? I have used this for simple linear moves but I haven't tried using it with a spline move.
Because my customer want to go through a serail points in his machine,if using LINEAR with LOOKAHEAD,the "way-points" maybe not the desired POINT,because don't hope stop at any where and Blend is open and the speed should be as fast as possible.
Like the LineartoPVT in Power PMAC.

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