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Setting position to non-zero value after homing
Does anyone know how I might set the position of a motor after homing to a non-zero value without going to zero first? I have a 5-axis head with a home limit near one of the over travels and the amount of home offset to actually get to the zero position will saturate Ix26 many times over. I would like to home close to the over travel and then call that position say 90°. I am already putting a small program in my homing routine to get to my physical zero, but it seems kind of hack.


The simplest way to do this is to redefine the axis position after you are homed. From a motion program, you could use a program command like PSET C90. The on-line command is like C=90. From a PLC program you would use something like CMD "&1C=90".

Your software overtravel limits and any compensation tables are still referenced to your home position, not your programming zero, but that is all "under the hood" stuff that users and part programmers don't have to worry about. For them, the home position is 90 degrees.
Curt, your solution would work well, but unfortunately I am running custom software that manages tool offsets and position bias for individual programs. Therefore, the Mx64 variables get changed a lot after homing. I have currently decided to kill the motor, set Mx62 to my desired position , and J/ it afterward. This works well and if done in a PLC after homing does not skip a beat. Still a bit hack, but it allows me to get around some Ix26 limitations.

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