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EtherCAT: ecatsdo write fails from terminal, works from etherlab
I am trying to use ecatsdo command in the terminal. I can read an SDO just fine, but when I try to write it fails. If I ssh to the PMAC and use the etherlab utility (/opt/etherlab/bin/ethercat) I and write just fine.

Screenshot 1 shows terminal window ecatsdo read OK, but write fails

Screenshot 2 shows etherlab working for both read and write

Any ideas why ecatsdo might not be working? Is there a log somewhere I can look at?

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Curious about this topic as well. I can use the "ethercat download" command just find, however, trying to write an SDO using the ecatsdo function fails. My guess is it has something to do with permissions since the SDO index I'm writng to indicates it is rwr-r-
Try disabling the ethercat. Then try the commands.


I had the same thing. I had to use the ecatTypedSDO instead.


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