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Strange Geo Amplifier Faults
The factory tests each amplifier individually before leaving the plant. Board level testing includes visual inspection and automated in-circuit board testing. Top level assembly includes open loop (heat chamber) burn-in and closed loop (running motors) functionality, I/O and other inputs outputs.

C160 is related to the gate driver circuitry. This could be a grounding issue, but also power-up procedure / soft start:
Typically, you want to make sure that the controller is turned on before the drive. This ensures that the ADC clock is ready for the drive to sync into when it comes up.
You want to make sure that logic power is always turned on before main AC.
you want to make sure that the main AC is never recycled repeatedly and rapidly. The caps must discharge (at least partially, roughly about 5 minutes) before cycling main AC.

Blowing a cap on the gate driver side may still allow the unit the function.

- Is this always on the same axis, panel location? excessive EMI noise?
- What is the main AC power coming in, and is there any filtering on that? (e.g. EMI, voltage suppressors etc...)
- If you run this axis alone (all other motors Killed), would you still get a fault?
- Have you tried Enhanced mode to see if there are faults on the ADC A (lower 12 bits) of the axis in question

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