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Accessing upper channels on ACC36E
We're having problems accessing data from the upper channels (9-16) of our ACC36E. Our board is at $B00000 so we've set up the following:

AdcDemux.Address[0] = $B00000;
AdcDemux.ConvertCode[0] = 0;
AdcDemux.ConvertCode[1] = $400;
AdcDemux.Enable = 2
AdcDemux.ResultLow[0] does contain result {Analog In #1}
AdcDemux.ResultLow[1] does contain result {Analog In #5}
AdcDemux.ResultHigh[0] should contain result but doesn't {Analog In #9}
AdcDemux.ResultHigh[1] should contain result but doesn't {Analog In #13}

We're reading a unipolar device between pins 1 & 9 using the voltage out between pins 7 & 6. Since all four connectors are the same, we moved the device around to each spot to test the values. The values for 1 and 4 are just as expected but we do not seem to get anything from 9 and 13.

After setting Acc36E[1].ConvertCode=0, I also looked at Acc36E[1].ADCuLow (for #1) when the data showed ready and it was correct but Acc36E[1].ADCuHigh (for #9) again showed nothing.

Did I miss a step or something? What would make the Low registers work and not the High ones?

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Accessing upper channels on ACC36E - pennells - 01-27-2012, 11:19 AM

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