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Delay when calling a motion program
I'm having some problems when calling a motion program inside Delta Tau. It shows a delay between turning on all the motors for the coordinate system (The AmpEna flag being set to 1) and calling the motion program (in our case this is represented by setting the kinFlag to 1) as shown in the attached file (motion-delay).

This motion program calls the CfromScript function and inside it we implemented some calculations for the direct and inverse kinematics. We don't understand this delay because it is happening before the CfromScript function is called, could it be some kind of pre-processing when using C? There are some special flags that need to be set (besides UserAlgo.CFunc=1)? Or is this delay normal?

Another intriguing point is that it only happens in one of the coordinate systems. It does not have the delay when we run the coordinate system 1, as shown in the second attachment (mr7-Ipê2). Do you have any ideia why?

Thank you for your attention
Best regards
Luis Fernando.

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