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How to copies files from flash into RAM
I don't quite understand why you were trying to load the plc or pmc files that way. Normally these files would be included in an IDE Project and downloaded to the PMAC that way, which is more capable. Adding more this way is usually only done as a workaround to prevent having to use the IDE for small changes. The PDK is just meant for making the HMI side as I understand it.

You asked about gpascii. This is explained in more detail if you issue "gpascii --h" through putty. I've included the response below.

Quote:root@ gpascii --h
This program is the command line input/output to the Power PMAC Command Processor

The input options are the following:
-i followed by the input file name. Default is the STDIN
-o followed by the output file name. Default is the STDOUT
-e followed by the error output file name. Default is the STDOUT
-v Sets the verbose mode where status messages are printed
-2 Enables global & user defined name string replacement with Power PMAC commands
-n Do not append to a PPMAC response. The default is to add the ACK
Default is no flush. This option cannot be used along with the -i option.
-f Automatically flush data to the terminal after PPMAC response on.

To terminate the program send an ESC with a NEWLINE
If you are using the "-i" input file option you must use a CNTRL C to terminate the program.

Quote:PS:I have purchased PDK in my computer. If I have compilation of code. Can I use it in other Computer? I copy my .lic in anthor Computer, but I still need a new authorization.
The PDK should only be required for development.

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