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encrypt some project files
Hi, I am Sangjoon Lee.

Power PMAC IDE has Project Encryption function.

If you go to project properties, you could choose if you encrypt your project.

Here, you have given two options, encrypt all project files and encrypt some project files.

My question is that if a customer wants to add his own features to a project that is paid, can the project developer allow only some files of the project and hide other files? for instance, kinematics routines.

in other words, I want to hide kinematics routines and open PLCs so its user can add additional codes, assuming the additional codes do not affect kinematics.

I have tested some steps but it seems that a partially encrypted project cannot be rebuilt and downloaded, yes I agree.
So I tried not to Build and download all programs but tried Download all programs.
Then every variable, PLC, program in encrypted files go away, I checked it on the task manager.

If possible I would like to know how to hide only some files and allow user to add some codes to a project.

Thank you again.

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