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how can i make the variable retentive?
(05-22-2020, 02:45 PM)AAnikstein Wrote: The easiest way to do this may be to add them to pp_custom_save.tpl. If you simply list the names of your variables there, build and download the project, and then issue a "save" or "fsave", they should be saved just like an I Variable would be.

That said, are these parameters that you need to be able to save, or just parameters that you want initialized to a specific value? If you simply declare and set them in your project (such as by putting "GLOBAL MyVar = 5" in a file in your "Global Includes" folder), that would also allow them to initialize with your pre-set values.

I am using an Omron HMI to communicate with CK3E controller through Modbus Tcp. And I just noticed that save command can only be sent from IDE. Is there any other way I can send the save command through the HMI or plc program in Ppmac?

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