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*** buffer overflow detected ***: /opt/ppmac/EcMasterDemo/EcMasterDemo terminated
(05-11-2020, 01:24 PM)Eric Hotchkiss Wrote: Did you add the ESI files for your ecat modules to the IDE?
If you go to the "EtherCAT" menu, you will find the "ESI Manager" where you should be able to browse to a file location.

What did you do before the error occurred? It would be much easier to diagnose if I knew when it happened. Was this after scanning the network?
Eric,Appears after scanning the network. Through the help system of IDE, I found the reason for the error.



Master core not accessible


Connection to remote server was terminated or master instance has been stopped on remote side.

But I don't understand, where is the root of the mistake?

Through the EC engineer of IED V3, I can successfully communicate with the IO module. At this time, I export ei.xml. However, when I import ei.xml into IDE V4 that I am using, ECAT [0] cannot be activated. There are no errors and warnings. Enter $$$* * *, save, as always.

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