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startup not working

I have a strange problem regarding the pp_startup.txt

Since today I can not put PLC in there, which starts after powerup or $$$.
When I update the PMAC it works with the automatic launch, even if I start the PLC in question by hand.

But the autostart does not work at initial powerup or after a reset with $$$.

To be exact, it works...but gets somehow killed.
regardles of what is in the PLC (large PLCs, short one liners, commands, loops, system "....bla.out".)
Everything gets started for a brief moment and then gets killed.

I checked with counting up values. It counts up until some value and then the PLC gets killed.

Initially there were some Sys.CdTimers in it. I recognized that they did also get killed somehow (set to a large value -> still 0. But counts down from the large value when started a bit later)

Now this is a bit annoying since it did work until yesterday.

Did someone else have such a problem and has a solution/cause ?

Right now I'm thinking of making a init script in the linux part for startup as last resort. But other things short of that did not work.


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